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The State of Florida ranks fourth in the nation for family hunger and locally over 200,000 people face food insecurity in Hillsborough County every day.  These are people who do not know where their next meal will come from.  The poor and homeless are highly vulnerable and experience increased incidents of diet-related medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.  Childhood hunger is especially heartbreaking and commonly contributes to developmental difficulties which impact the course of a child’s entire life.

New Beginnings Hunger Relief Program operates on a two-tier basis (hot meals & food boxes) and provides fresh, nutritious food to those who need it the most in our community.  All meals and food boxes are provided without regard to ability to pay and without discrimination.

First, our Northeast Tampa location provides hot, nutritious meals 7 days per week to our resident clients and the homeless which amounts to approximately 1,450 meals per week.  The menu is created by a licensed dietician and designed to provide a well-balanced, healthy diet tailored to the population being served. Our commercial kitchen is staffed by certified personnel and is regularly inspected by the Department of Health. Second, New Beginnings distributes boxes of nutritious food (perishable & nonperishable) to disadvantaged families in the Sulphur Springs Area on a weekly basis. Sulphur Springs is federally designated as a food desert and it is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Country.  Most of the families in Sulphur Springs have young children who are living below the federal poverty line and facing hunger on a daily basis.  Each food box is created to meet the nutritional needs of the family, to be culturally appropriate and to include significant portions of fruits & vegetables which are not otherwise easily accessible in this community. We place a strong emphasis on developing healthy eating habits and connecting our clients with additional resources.

The New Beginnings Hunger Relief Program relies heavily on donations of nutritious food from a variety of sources, and we are always in need of additional food donations.

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