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Homelessness continues to be a pervasive problem in America, and the Tampa Bay Area is especially hard hit due to our favorable climate and transient population.  We believe this problem is unacceptable in our great Country and that every person deserves the opportunity to live with dignity.  Effective solutions to the homelessness problem require coordinated efforts across the Continuum of Care which are sustainable over time.

As such, New Beginnings participates in the Tampa Hillsborough Homeless Initiative and works with a wide variety of community partners in order to maximize resources and avoid the duplication of efforts. New Beginnings operates one of the largest and most successful transitional housing programs in the Tampa Bay Area.  Our goal is to meet immediate, critical needs while empowering long term self-sufficiency and facilitating access to affordable housing.

Services are provided without regard to ability to pay and without discrimination. The only requirement is a desire to change and improve your life! Our Transitional Housing Program serves adult males and females who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless, and a significant percentage of our clients are veterans, persons who bravely served our Country.

Our main campus and satellite locations are situated in the North Tampa/University Area providing a 150 bed capacity. Upon admission, most clients are facing immediate, critical needs for safe & clean shelter, nutritious food and adequate clothing.  Additionally, clients frequently face imminent legal, medical and/or mental health issues.  All of these needs are assessed during the intake process and a plan of care is jointly developed by the client and his/her case manager. Each client is provided with housing in a clean, air conditioned, substance/alcohol free  environment which is highly structured.

Clients obtain clothing from our “Community Closet” which is stocked with high quality donations from the public. Three meals per day are prepared and provided on-site pursuant to a carefully designed, nutritious meal plan. Clients are referred to appropriate agencies for health insurance and medical needs. As needed, clients are assisted in obtaining identification and registering/reporting for probation or community control. New Beginnings provides a variety of classes under its extensive curriculum designed to help clients progress on their path to wellness and self-sufficiency:

1. Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

2. 12 Step Recovery Meetings
3. Basic Life Skills
4. Personal Financial Management
5. Relationships
6. Feelings
7. Communications

Clients who do not possess a high school diploma or GED are required to participate in Adult Education Classes with the goal of obtaining a GED. Clients also participate in work therapy and job training which is described under “Employment Assistance Program.”

Consistent with our core values, that portion of the program is designed to develop a sense of personal responsibility and a good work ethic which are critical elements in achieving and maintaining self-sufficiency. Clients typically take between 6 months and one year to complete the curriculum and graduate from New Beginnings.

Upon meeting graduation criteria, New Beginnings assists each client in securing affordable, permanent housing.  Permanent housing placement involves a number of community partners and resources depending upon the individual circumstances of each client and their family members, if any. A significant portion of our clients are veterans who have additional resources available through the Veterans Administration.  Therefore, those clients follow a compressed curriculum which can result in permanent housing placement within 60 days from admission.

New Beginnings has a strong and well-established relationship with the Veterans Administration, and we have been lauded for our exemplary success rate. It is an honor and a privilege to assist those who have served our Country! Since its inception, New Beginnings has helped over 10,000 homeless persons recover and transform their lives and over 5,000 persons have been assisted in securing permanent housing.

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